Since 2012, CoderDojo LA has been teaching kids ages 7-18 to code in Los Angeles, CA in a social, creative atmosphere with one rule – be cool! CoderDojo is a free worldwide movement of coding clubs for kids run by volunteers. We’ve taught Scratch, web development, and are working on a mobile app curriculum. Our sessions are always free and we partner with organizations such as Communities in Schools and Fulfillment Fund, as well as local schools to make our classes available to all children in Los Angeles. We have been hosted at Google LA, Idealab, Disney Animation, Sony, General Assembly, and Creative Artists Agency. In May 2015, we received fiscal sponsorship from Community Partners, which will enable us to grow and expand and teach more kids to code.

We believe coding is a basic literacy and tool of creativity and is important whether a child’s future will be in the sciences, the arts, media or anything else he or she can dream of!



Liam coded his Scratch Breakout game like a pro. Liam’s mom: “Your program has really inspired my son and we are so grateful for all you do. This year at school he has created a program to teach the younger kids how to code based on his experience with CoderDojo. One of the parents is an educator and couldn’t be more thrilled with the whole idea. His daughter had an amazing time and hasn’t stopped talking about Liam’s class. He has the teaching gift.”


Ethan and David, high school students studying computer science at Harvard-Westlake, came to an inspiring talk by James Whelton, who was bored in school until he discovered coding. After he became well-known for hacking an iPod, kids came to him to learn and CoderDojo was born. Ethan and David decided to run their own coding event at Harvard-Westlake, and we helped them get started with a regular series of events where they teach Scratch, web development, and Unity.


“When I first stepped into CoderDojo, I barely even knew what code was. An alien language? Definitely. This was about a year ago, and since then, code has quickly become my life. I became addicted to hackathons. Since, I’ve attended almost ten, and I’ve won at about eight of them. Just recently, I started a non-profit involving code–Downtown Hackers. Our mission is to help inner-city students become well-versed in code, tech, and STEM–for free. I presented this project at TEDxOrangeCoast. Since I took that first class at CoderDojo, my life has been revolutionized, and I am eternally thankful.”


Iggy attended our very first CoderDojo at Google LA in June 2012 and has been a regular attendee since then. His coding skills have really taken off. He just created a really cool styrofoam house that when smashed in real life destroys a virtual house in Scratch, racking up the points. Iggy was recently chosen to be part of the BritWeek BritCode Hackathon.


Xavier was so enthusiastic about CoderDojo LA that he encouraged his parents to start CoderDojo South Bay!


Ava is another CoderDojo LA regular who recently created a web project featuring her hand-drawn art. Go Ava!


Oscar was so inspired by a coding class at CAA that he decided to start his own coding club at Venice High.


“Every time you play a game you wonder how to make the game yourself.”

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