2013 September

Weekend Inspiration at Idealab

This weekend Idealab generously opened their doors once again and rallied their team in support of CoderDojo LA! And our loyal ninjas did not disappoint. The sessions were packed with beginners ranging from those who’ve never played with coding programs to veterans who’ve been coding and creating games for “a really long time”.

It was a great way to dive back into CoderDojo LA after a fun summer. And for those of you who haven’t been to a Dojo before, we thought this was a perfect session to show you a little bit of what CoderDojo LA is all about!

What can you expect if you become a ninja?

Ninjas of all coding skills!

At CoderDojo LA we have and welcome ninjas with all levels of experience. Some may not have their own computers (that’s okay we have some for you to borrow!). Some may have never heard of Scratch or tried coding, or some may have already been creating and sharing games for years. We welcome all levels! And we promise everyone will find fun ways to test your skills or learn new tricks!

How can this be?

With the help of our awesome team of volunteers! Behind the scenes our fearless leaders Una and Shara and a team of volunteers work tirelessly to make each session happen. We make sure to find fun games and challenges so that we can introduce you to new ideas or better yet, support you with all of the creative ways you can think of bringing your code to life!

But we couldn’t do this without the help of another very special group of people.

The parents.

Every session we’re excited to see more and more parents jump in and get hands on with the ninjas. Sometimes the students even become the teachers, as our ninjas teach their parents what Scratch is all about.

Another great resource are fellow ninjas. Ninjas are encouraged to not only challenge themselves with new lessons, but to help other ninjas develop their skills as well. This is a fun way to make new friends and maybe even meet future business partners? You never know!

But the best part?

Showing off your new skills!

One of our favorite parts of every Dojo is when our ninjas get a chance to show off their coding prowess! We never cease to be amazed by the talented, creative minds and fun projects each ninja creates. Even more impressive is how they fearlessly stand at the front of the room and tackle their impromptu presentations with the ease of seasoned professionals!

So how do I become a ninja?

Easy. Contact us on the site or send us a note at coderdojologangeles@gmail.com – let us know your information and that you’d like to be added to the email list then look out for our announcements when new Dojos are promoted! Make sure to stop by our Facebook page and Twitter to keep up on all the CoderDojo fun too!

Happy coding and we hope to see you soon!

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